Over time we have solved many complex problems, we have developed data management software, mobile applications, procedural algorithms to analyze organic elements or create virtual environments, stunnig 3D games, systems for remote control of instruments and vital systems. Below you can see a list of some of our best programs made ​​for third parties. The name of the programs and their technical specifications are not published here because the copyright belongs to the clients.

If you would like to request a quote please contact us at: info at neondev dot com


Instruments Control

This software can control analytical instruments with complex mechanical movements, it also manage the results and the calculations.



Bones Analysis

Software for dentist’s surgery that is able to analyze the bone structure using fractal matematics algorithms and help the doctor to choose the right cure for the patient.


Data Logging

Higly configurable software to manage digital and analog I/O and online instruments, it can also syncronize with a Data Control Center. It is usually installed in remote monitoring stations. 


iOS App for Real Estate

This state of the art and user friendly iPhone/iPad App was done for a famous firm in Real Estate business. It allows to search houses according to map zones and features and manage favourites.


Fractal Research

This software was done for a research and development purpose. It allows the study of organic elements according to their fractal structure.


Medical Office Management

Multiplatform software that can run on Windows, Linux and MacOSX used to manage medical office specialist with data acquisition from clinical instrumentation.


Instruments Control

The software is able to control an instruments for chemical analysis and performs the calculations and checks to ensure proper execution of the analysis.


Farmaceutical Trials Manager

This is a calendar style software useful to manage farmaceutical trials. It has a clean and smart interface.


iPhone App for security systems

This state of the art and user friendly iPhone App was done for a famous firm in Security business. It allows to remote control their burglar alarms.